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The more I read about Tao (meaning human or people) Philippines Palawan Expeditions the more I am convinced I was born in the right country. There’s no other place in the world I’d rather be than in this group of scattered islands, at least 7,107 of them and counting.

I have read so many great reviews about this not-your-typical-everyday-tourist-island-hopping-travel company. What they offer is an exciting albeit with fear ala-Robinson Crusoe adventures; total digital-free, no set plans no itineraries, just a set of open mind and an open wallet as it is admittedly not a cheap one, certainly for a local like me. Good thing I make my living working abroad that I can sometimes go toe-to-toe with Western foreigners who have had the luxury joining whimsical trips like these without reservation.

If you can “rough it” for 5 days 4 nights, letting the wind blows you and your not-so auspicious mind days away from civilization on a boat cruising from one rarely step-on island to another, on a constant diet of fresh fish, veggies and fruits, lazing around all day as you watch the sun rises and down silhouetting the open sea turquoise water, no flush toilets, no showers just a bucket of cold fresh water if you are lucky to rinse that salty taste off your body from all day snorkeling and swimming into every secret lagoons you’ll find along those tender waves of the Pacific Ocean, share if you will your life stories with similar fearless strangers as you sing and drink your night away on beers and local rums, sleeping inside a mosquito net every night between sometimes wall-less room, underneath some free-roaming roosters and pigs, in unchartered remote virgin islands where only a few lucky souls have ventured or seen, then this is your trip of a lifetime.

But those are not the only thing that gravitate me towards joining this one and only expedition of its kind in this part of Philippines. There’s more to it that just feeding your fantasy Pirates of the Caribbean adventure in mind. Part of the cost you pay for this adventure expedition goes to social welfare projects this organization is championing.

Tao Philippines has an eco-tourism advocacy while fulfilling social responsibilities to help out giving the local villagers the education they deservingly need and a source of living to survive their unbeknownst existence, seemed too far from minds of the local government.

So get out of your comfort zone and experience a true-island adventure in Palawan with TaoPhilippines. And if you are lucky to find a single hut and soul on those remote islands, try not-so suspiciously knock on their doors.

Just say Tao Po!

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