My idea of climbing Mount Pulag alone, officially the second highest mountain in the Philippines, was a little far-fetched to anyone’s imagination.  I was really determined to do it albeit uncertainties on many levels, logistically. It is always advised to join a hiking group for a lot of reasons but most importantly to secure rare transportation from Baguio City to DENR Office in Benguet province.

One guy shoes gave it away while waiting at the bus terminal in Cubao where my journey begun. Without hesitation, I asked him if he’s climbing Mount Pulag and without a doubt his answer already brought smile to my worried face.

Today is my lucky day I pronounced!

Six hours of bus ride in the middle of the night took us to Baguio City proper where a hired jeepney is waiting for the group of 15, now 16 as I invited myself to the group.

A four-hour scenic jeepney ride took us to DENR Office where we are required to register, secure environmental fees, and attend the mandatory pre-climb briefing.

From DENR Office, it took almost 2 hour of jeepney ride onto a very rough road to get to the Ranger Station where Ambangeg trailhead is located. Supposedly the easiest trail, Ambangeg trail is most commonly referred to as the Executive Trail; for beginners like me.

Did I say very rough road? That’s an understatement!

It is at Ranger Station where the initial hike to Camp Station 2 to spend the night before the summit assault at 3AM the following morning. Four hours or so of hiking some moderate and steep climb, we finally reached our camp site, pitched our tent, had some dinner before calling the night.

I was so tired, wet, and cold but managed to get a good sleep as I hear the trickling sound of raindrops on my tent before fading away. By 2AM I was already up and ready to meet sunrise at the top of Mount of Pulag but not before enduring another hour or so of another challenging hike to reach the summit.

I’ve never been physically challenged as we traversed for more than an hour towards the highest point of Mount Pulag. Rain, mud, rocks, wind, grass, and sheer darkness guided us along the way.

But the view on top of Mount Pulag is spectacular! We were so lucky to have witnessed these amazing clouds and greeted by rays of sunshine unlike the other group who climbed the day before. Unfortunately, the weather was not on their side. They only managed to be hugged by very thick fogs and the sun struggled to show himself to everyone waiting for him on that foggy morning.

I can only say she will always be there so better luck next time for those who missed the chance to witness the sun illuminating the beauty of Mount Pulag.

You are welcome anytime!
Please check out my video here.

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