There’s one not-so-best-kept secret I’m sure most of you will enjoy doing while visiting Los Angeles...hiking to the top of the Hollywood Sign.

One of the most iconic man-made structures built, most people visiting LA would be contented seeing the Hollywood Sign from the distance. Little did they know if only they can spare no more than two hours with fresh legs, a camera, and a bottle of water to go along with, one can literally touch the sky and the famous sign.

Well, it used to be that you can even climb the letter sign if you’re crazy enough, but a fence was now built around it and video cameras on all angles were installed for security reasons. Don’t dare trespassing or a police chopper will be hovering you in no time.

Taking on a cue from peeps who’d done it, from the corner street of Franklin & Beechwood, I drove north on Beechwood until I got to the trailhead parking. Hiking the trail is easy and one wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost. On a clear day, views are amazing as you traverse the 1.5 mile-trail. The final leg of the trail before reaching the sign, one has an option to go to the front of the sign or to the back of it.

I did both!

You can enjoy the 360-view of Los Angeles any which way you want. Hike it in style or rent a horse from a nearby ranch if you don't have fresh legs to do it. 

Just another touristy thing to do while in Los Angeles. Great for photography and will definitely burn some of those unwanted calories.

And it’s free!

Click here for more pictures of Hollywood sign.
I didn't plan of including on this website other trips I've made outside of the Philippines but managing a separate website for those would be daunting and time consuming on my part. I decided to just create a separate tab named "other trips" to give you a glimpse of places I've been outside of my home country Philippines.

So check out the new added tab "other trips". For now I only have Washington DC,  Maryland, and Pennsylvania, USA on the list. Also check pictures and videos of our Niagara Falls trip.

Just added Singapore in the list.

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